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  • LIFE

    Leipzig Research Center for Civilization Diseases
    We are concerned with the pre-processing, management and analysis of molecular-genetic data in LIFE-Heart, -Adult and -Child. We are especially interested in metabolic and vascular phenotypes.
  • CAPSyS

    Systems Medicine of Community Acquired Pneumonia
    CAPSyS is a consortium with the aim to investigate and better understand the course of pneumonia from infection to resolution. Prof. Scholz is head of subproject 1 "Integrative Genetic Analysis and Biomathematical Modelling of Systemic Inflammation". In addition, our group is involved in work packages on data integration and visualization and supports project management.
  • HaematoOPT

    Model-based optimisation and individualisation of treatment strategies in haematology
    In this project, we aim at transfering results of biomathematical model simulations into clinical practice. Major fields of applications are haematopoietic growth-factor opimization during cytotoxic chemotherapy and optimization of EPO applications in chronic kidney disease.
  • i:DSEM

    Integrative Datensemantik in der Systemmedizin

    Pneumonia Research Network on Genetic Resistance and Susceptibility for the Evolution of Severe Sepsis
    Our group is concerned with planning, management, data banking and data analysis of the PROGRESS consortium.

    Integrated Platform for Identification and Validation of innovative, RNA-based Biomarkers for Personalized Medicine
    Our group supports planning, remote data entry, data banking, and data analysis of the Ribolution consortium.

Completed Projects

  • HaematoSys

    Systems Biology of the Haematopoietic Systems and Related Neoplasias
    Our group performs systems-biological modelling regarding dynamics of haematopoiesis and tumour growth in mice and humans in the framework of HaematoSys.